Locations and Places

The Land of Aeryth

  • City of Haaven
  • Village of Buckleby

City of Haaven

  • The Fleecy Dreams, the city’s best inn, run by a lovely dwarven woman Mother Gothel
  • The Staggering Unicorn, one of the finest alehouses in the city, infamous for its “unicorn’s piss” drink. It is run by
  • Gizmo’s Whizzes and Wonders, store with a wonderful collection of masks as well as jewelery and other trinkets
  • The Library of Zandria and the Towers of Enlightenment, one of the greatest libraries and universities in the region. Located just outside of the city of Haaven.
  • The Chapel of Blessed Spirits, the largest church in the city, run by the formidable Dame Constance
  • The Goldfools Caves,

Locations and Places

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