Dramatis Personae

Player Characters

  • Athlas, High Elf Warrior – Ryan
  • Diego, Halfling Ranger – Matt
  • Dray, High Elf Thief – Jodie
  • Elwin, Wood Elf Druid – Jamie
  • Kage Mellowskin, Dragonborn Fighter – Brandon
  • Lard, Half-Orc Barbarian – Graeme (missing)
  • Llanfairpwll, Dwarf Cleric – McCall
  • Percy, Gnome Wizard – Wade (missing)
  • Rana, Dwarf Paladin – Shayne
  • Rodderick, Human Warlock – Ben
  • Tasha, Tiefling Wizard – Wade
  • Umgrim, Gnome Monk – Graeme

Non-Player Characters

Village of Buckleby

  • Jogg, a Halfling caravan driver who led the PCs to the town of Haaven. He was murdered in the village of Buckleby as the result of necromancy removing his soul. The PCs found a dark ritual book and used a spell within to revive the halfling (a sacrifice of his eye and blood from each participating PC was required).
  • Mrs. “Grams” Beachum, an elderly Human woman who is a book enthusiast and an amateur pig farmer, who claims to have witnessed a “ghostly woman in white” steal the soul of Jogg.
  • Arthus, a reclusive elderly Human wizard (and Illusionist Extraordinaire) who is disparaged by the townsfolk for supposedly being responsible for the death of a local woman called Isabella. Prevalent opinion around the village is that he is also responsible for the recent death of Jogg. He is quite grateful to the PCs for helping to clear him of all allegations.
  • Malakai, a bitter human jeweller who holds a grudge against Arthus for the death of his wife Isabella several years ago. Secretly a necromancer, he was the one responsible for stealing Jogg’s soul in the first place. Detained for his crimes after being exposed by the players and was sent to Haaven for imprisonment.
  • Sister Lenora, a priestess at the local Church in the small village of Buckleby. She does not believe the rumours that Arthus is a murderer.

City of Haaven

  • Lord Wahlker, formerly estranged brother to Jogg and Governor of the city of Haaven. Threw a masquerade party for the PCs in gratitude, but got more than he was expecting when a Fey King, Jareth, crashed his party and transported the mansion to the Fey Wilds until the criminal Greenbell was surrendered for punishment.
  • Orest Naerumar, an elderly yet shrewd human businessman who has an uncanny knack for finding new and highly lucrative business opportunities. He requested aid from the PCs to check up on his latest venture, a potentially lucrative gold mine in a nearby Goldcrest Mountains.
  • Lady Allandre, a royal Elven business-woman and diplomat visiting the city to negotiate trade between Haaven and the Elven City of Solstice. Suggested the PCs travel to Solstice to request assistance for the recovery efforts at Haaven from the Queen of the Elves.
  • Lady Azaer, a sarcastic and boisterous Tiefling noblewoman who often absentmindedly tugs at her hair.
  • Armos Kamroth, an nervous human merchant who is eagerly looking for new friends and business opportunities.
  • Marsinda Goldspinner, shrewd and gruff Dwarven business woman who has a long-standing rivalry with Orest Naerumar.
  • Baroness Stockmere, a rather large and muscular human noblewoman who enjoys the finer things in life
  • Lord Canton Delaware, Jr., young human nobleman who would rather go to the brothels than to work for his recently deceased father’s business. Has been missing since the Mansion Incident.
  • Jareth, the Sovereign of Summer, a Fey King seeking retribution against the criminal who stole his daughter Eileene’s heart. Crashed Lord Walhker’s masquerade party and transported the mansion (and everyone in it) to the Fey Wilds to ensure that the criminal Greenbell would not escape punishment. After the PCs discovered the identity of Greenbell and turned him, Jareth left with the prisoner and his daughter in tow, but not before extending an invitation for Dray to join him in his royal court (which she reluctantly declined).
  • Eileene, the teen-aged daughter of Jareth whose heart was literally stolen in the form of a ruby, heart-shaped necklace. She still thinks often of Dray, who rescued her heart from the clutches of Greenbell as well as from potential oblivion if Rodderick had been successful in sacrificing the heart amulet to his patron.
  • Robert Greenbell, the changeling who was responsible for stealing Eileen’s heart. He hide among the nobility of Haaven in hopes of eluding Jareth until Autumn when the Sovereign of Summer’s powers would wane. Disguised himself as the young Lord Canton Delaware, but was discovered by the PCs and turned over to Jareth.
  • Dame Constance, Dwarven High Priestess of the Chapel of Blessed Spirits who often receives prophetic visions of the future, including a rather dire vision recently to the group regarding a “herald of darkness awakening in a tomb” and a “curtain of darkness being drawn apart.”
  • Captain Isaac Greaves, Human captain of the guard in Haaven. Led the city’s forces during the Mansion incident

The Foolsgold Caverns

  • Flintlock “Flint” Fireforge, gruff Dwarven leader of Orest’s mining expedition to the caverns. Would have preferred if the PCs simply “burned the mother****ers” to remove the Myconid menace, but has reluctantly agreed to abide by the negotiated truce. Has since established a secure outpost at the entrance to the caverns.
  • Dain Goldspinner, nephew of Marsinda Goldspinner and junior member of the mining expedition. Was sent by his aunt to discover the location of the gold mine and see if he could discover any opportunities for them to steal the mining operation from Orest Naerumar. He is simply glad to be alive after Katra tried to sacrifice him as part of the ritual to awaken the Herald of Darkness. Has not been feeling very well since returning to Haaven.
  • Katra Rockheart, Dwarven archaeologist of the mining expedition. Recently revealed as a cultist who successfully woke up the Herald of Darkness from the Tomb beneath the Temple of Pelor. Was killed in a fight with Llanfairpwyll.
  • Chantrelles Porcini, the Myconid Queen, also known as the Mother of Myconids, this sentient fungus has created a colony beneath the Goldcrest Mountains. The PCs met with the Queen and arranged a truce between the miners and her “children”, where the Myconids will mine the precious metals from the caverns in exchange for being left alone. In addition, the Myconid Queen left an open invitation for any “weary of life” to come join her colony and :ascend beyond the mortal flesh" as part of the Myconid Hive Mind.
  • Carmilla Druesille, an ancient Vampire of great beauty and strength, she is referred to as the Queen of Blood and Herald of Darkness. She was imprisoned in a secret chamber of an abandoned Temple of Pelor until the cultist Katra Rockheart and the unwitting actions of Llanfairpwyll released her. The PCs quickly attacked her while she was still in a weakened state, and were able to successfully reseal her in her sarcophagus (although in the process Kage consumed her left arm).

City of Solstice

  • Elder Goran, an elderly librarian and arcane researcher. Answered several of the PCs questions about the magical items the brought with them from the Foolsgold Caverns and hosted Kage while he stayed to read in the magnificent library.
  • Lady Allandre, after spending a couple weeks helping with the rebuilding efforts in Haaven, the Elven diplomat returned to Soltice to discover that the PCs still had not been able to see the Elven Queen to request assistance for Haaven. She brusquely brought the PCs to see the Queen, and helped negotiate an agreement where the PCs would investigate the growing darkness in a nearby abandoned Elven outpost in exchange for securing the assistance of the Elves for rebuilding Haaven.
  • Queen Amalthea, Queen of the Elves in Solstice. Lady Allandre brought the PCs to the Queen to see if they could negotiate some aid for Haaven. When the Queen and Lady Allandre returned from some private discussion, the strict monarch became furious after she discovered that Tasha took the virgin kiss of an Elven Princess, forever binding his soul to that of her daughter Lady Aarial. To ensure the safety and longevity of her daughter, she wishes to keep Tasha in a petrified form, but eventually relents and allows Tasha and Lady Aarial to accompany the PCs on a task to stop the growing darkness in the abandoned Elven outpost of Shadowfell Keep. Her only condition is that the PCs must allow one of her guards join them on their quest – Lord Athlas.
  • Lady Aarial, the youngest daughter of Queen Amalthea. Having lived a very sheltered life, she has read much about the outside world and would love to actually leave the Elven city to discover the world. She takes quite a liking to Tasha and gives him her virgin kiss, forever binding their souls. She convinces her mother to allow her to join the PCs in their quest to the Shadowfell Keep.

Shadowfell Keep

  • Meep’kh, a young Kobold the PCs saved from cultists upon entering the Keep, who has requested aid in rescuing the rest of his tribe.
  • Various Cultists, many cultists have come to the Shadowfell Keep in order to do the work of Orcus in some sinister scheme. The (not very) secret passphrase that the cultists use to identify one another is “Orcus: my blood, my flesh, my life.”

Dramatis Personae

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